How to Spot Fake or Counterfeit Ray Ban Glasses?

Beam Bans are one of the most well-known shades brands on the planet for impersonations. Be that as it may, OK, have the option to detect a couple for counterfeit Ray-Bans? We show you how you can. Beam Ban was established by the American organization Bausch and Lomb in 1936, and from that point forward has become a commonly recognized name most famous for its Wayfarer and Aviator models.


With this brand being a well-known decision Rayban for shades, it’s nothing unexpected that numerous questionable retailers are attempting to make counterfeit Ray-Bans look like the real item. Dread not; there are approaches to tell whether your Ray-Bans are genuine or fake.

How to Tell if Genuine Ray-Bans Are Phony?


Hand made in Italy, certified Ray-Bans are of extraordinary quality and are created from top-notch materials. From the completion around the pivots to the heaviness of the article, you’ll have the option to tell whether Ray-Bans are authentic or not founded on these top-quality subtleties. Models like the Wayfarer are delivered from a form and cut from a square of acetic acid derivation before being cleaned by hand. The acetic acid derivation material is smooth and consistent, demonstrating its quality.

Focal Points

The focal points of Ray-Ban shades are of an unrivaled quality as well. Glass focal points are highlighted in the vast majority of the models. Anyway, a portion of the later structures highlights different materials. Genuine Ray-Bans will have “RB” and the Ray-Ban logo carved on the focal points. Beam Ban enraptured focal points will have “Beam Ban P” scratched on the top corner of the focal point. If this is missing, they are nearly destined to be phony. Certifiable Ray-Ban focal points additionally don’t scratch as effectively as fakes, which frequently utilize modest covering or hued film.

How to Spot Counterfeit Ray-Ban Shades?

Unique Ray-Ban shades will have “RB” carved onto the side of the left focal point to demonstrate its realness. If the scratching is missing or low quality or painted on the glasses will be phony. Different signs to detect a fake pair of Ray-Bans remember the bundling and route for which they are boxed to deliver. The data on the name ought to relate with the shades, and they should come packed with an enormous white transportation name. Bonafide Ray-Bans will accompany a little booklet, printed faultlessly on top-quality paper.

Does Ray-Bans Accompany a Case?

Genuine Ray-Ban shades will accompany an official Ray-Ban case to guarantee that they are secured. While various plans include various situations, most will be ensured in a dark or earthy colored cowhide case. The stud looking into the issue will highlight the Ray-Ban logo, a detail which is regularly absent on fakes. Genuine Ray-Bans likewise highlight a marked cleaning fabric with the case.